A lesson in appreciation - appreciating what you and others offer & bring

We live in a world that makes it all about what we do, so when it comes to asking for support this can seem daunting for some while simple for others with no doubt that each of us has experienced at some time in our lives what it is like when faced with something new, or shall I say it “change”.

For those that find it daunting or challenging to ask for support or even write-off support or say it’s too expensive, have we considered why this is the case?

  • What has our past experiences been when asking for support?

  • Has our experiences been one of hurt, humiliation, embarrassment, paying-out, or rejection by others?

  • Perhaps it us putting pressure on ourselves that we should know and be able to do anything and everything – and do it well?

  • Have you researched the costs of the service and included your time, money and sanity to actually learn and complete the task at hand?

Engaging an advisor - whether that be a peer, mentor, lawyer, book-keeper, tax agent, accountant or business advisor - can be one of the best investments you can ever make.

The money spent on the initial consult or service such as

  • Preparing a tax return and/or Business Activity Statement (BAS),

  • Setting up business whether the first time or many times,

  • Considering employing staff

  • Considering going into partnership with another

  • Proposing a new product or service

may save:

  • …that “ripping out your hair” boiling point moment;

  • …reduce the stress, worry or angst of learning something new and /or whether you have got it right,

  • …save valuable time and money which you would rather be spending with family and friends or getting on with other activities you enjoy or need attending to

  • …as well as enjoying the benefits of valuable support and assistance in aspects or an area of your life you had not considered

  • …not to mention your marriage, friendships and / or business

You may like to engage the advisor initially or only once to gain an understanding and know-how to confidently and easily complete the task yourself next time and then only needing to engage the advisor’s services again as and when needed.

It is also key to choose the most supportive advisor for you – one that you feel understands you, can relate and truly support you as part of you taking care of you.

Advisors also need to be aware that we are not engaged to dominate through the numbers and think we are better than because we happen to know this area a bit more than another. We are here to offer our products and services of a high standard, but what is key and our responsibility is to support and develop another with an area of life they are not familiar being aware of, and understanding that this can be or seem very daunting for some to not only ask for support and assistance but discussing their financial affairs, which is a very personal and delicate matter for many.

There is a great lesson in appreciating each other and what each brings and offers you knowing that we are simply not meant to do and be everything for everybody and everything…and why would we want to and miss out on the opportunity to meet and develop a mutually caring and supportive relationship – one that can span lifetimes.

Remembering we are forever students of life having all experienced being the student and the teacher.

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