Valuing staff is key – They are the front or external face of your business -- your businesses walking, talking business cards.  So how you interact with and treat staff can affect how they are with your clients or customers. Susan Scully shares what it is like to see staff as equals and have a relationship with them based on decency, respect and valuing each other and what we each bring to the business – removing the stigma and role of ‘staff’ or ‘employee’.



Numbers don’t lie and can be used as a barometer or thermometer as to how we are going in our everyday life – how we are living -- with success not measured on the numbers or the amount in your bank account. Money or dollars in the bank account are not nor ever will be a measure of our true worth or value.


 Expand you and your business with support
first-time set-ups, re-structures and more


Whether you're setting up a business for the first time or needing support with re-building, re-structuring, developing or expanding your business, Susan brings a wealth of experience to keep the process simple and effective.


New business startups

Support when considering or deciding to start a new business – whether it be as an individual, joint business venture or company; evaluation of the pros and cons; of the 'how to's and what's needed to start the project, including financial  and other considerations; and of the 'where to from here'.


Joint ventures or business with others

Discussion and support when going into a project or business with other people – documenting what you'll need to consider, understand and agree upon, such as the preparation of a Partnership Agreement or a Shareholder Agreement.


Training staff and change management

Whether it's setting up, actioning and implementing, managing or training staff, or covering what's needed for an entire project or a business, Susan can assist. She can also support with simplifying and streamlining processes and systems, and with procedure and or process change. This can include the set-up and implementation of new systems, as well as the provision of  training and on going support for owner/s, management and/or staff.




Susan’s key services in this area include:

  • Planning and set-up of the organisational or operational flows of a project or business so you know how the whole operation works – from sales to production or manufacture to customer 

  • Implementation of new or integrated systems whether these are operational, computerised or otherwise – including new stock systems and new computer programmes for integration across the organisation or within several departments or areas of the business

  • Set-up and training in new or existing admin and accounting systems

  • Streamlining systems and processes and organising work flow and space

  • Supporting with the archiving of records

"From many years of being in business myself I understand first-hand that a business owner wears many hats and juggles lots of balls
in the air – from everyday operations to finance, marketing and social media; from admin to managing staff, stock and equipment and more. Business has it all – and often your clients want everything yesterday. Hence the need for simplicity."

– Susan Scully