Expand you and your business with support
first-time set-ups, re-structures and more


Whether you're setting up a business for the first time or needing support with

re-building, re-structuring, developing or expanding your business, Susan
brings a wealth of experience to keep the process simple and effective.


New business startups

Support when considering or deciding to start a new business – whether it be as
an individual, joint business venture or company; 
evaluation of the pros and cons;
of the 'how to's and what's needed to start the project, including financial 
and other considerations; and of the 'where to from here'.


Joint ventures or business with others

Discussion and support when going into a project or business with other people – documenting what you'll need to consider, understand and agree upon, 
such as the preparation of a Partnership Agreement or a Shareholder Agreement.


Training staff and change management

Whether it's setting up, actioning and implementing, managing or training staff, or covering what's needed for an entire project or a business, Susan can assist.
She can also support with simplifying and streamlining processes and systems,
and with procedure and or process change. This can include the set-up
and implementation of new systems, as well as the provision of  
and on-going support for owner/s, management and/or staff.




Susan’s key services in this area include:

  • Planning and set-up of the organisational or operational flows of a project or business so you know how the whole operation works – from sales to production or manufacture to customer 

  • Implementation of new or integrated systems whether these are operational, computerised or otherwise – including new stock systems and new computer programmes for integration across the organisation or within several departments or areas of the business

  • Set-up and training in new or existing admin and accounting systems

  • Streamlining systems and processes and organising work flow and space

  • Supporting with the archiving of records

"From many years of being in business myself I understand first-hand that a business owner wears many hats and juggles lots of balls
in the air – from everyday operations to finance, marketing and social media; from admin to managing staff, stock and equipment and more. Business has it all – and often your clients want everything yesterday. Hence the need for simplicity."

– Susan Scully