BCom, FTI, FNTAA, Registered Tax Agent, JP (Qual)

With over 30 years in the business, accountancy
and finance industries, Susan has worked in national and international companies and held a number of company directorships and management positions – mostly
whilst managing and operating her own and others' businesses since 1999.


Today Susan supports people in the building up and development 
of their businesses through her own accountancy and business consultancy practice in Brisbane. The people and organisations
she supports range in size and across many industries, and are
located locally, nationally and internationally. Susan also offers
services to individuals to support them with personal tax and finances.

Susan is the 'virtual' CEO or CFO for any business. Her wealth of knowledge, resourcefulness and practical know-how, the result
of the breadth and depth of her experience, means she can offer
well-rounded advice and hands-on, on-site or in-house support 
in most if not all areas of your business. 


Her commitment? Making it easy to do business.